7th Grade Friar for a Day Visits are full, 8th grade visits will be available in the fall 2024.

十大正规彩票平台 High School was founded as a college preparatory school under the leadership and direction of the late Archbishop Francis P. Keough in 1960, becoming the first of the archdiocesan high schools built in that decade. Designed by local architect Edward H. Glidden in what is now known as Mid-Century Style, the school was built on a thirty-three acre site on the northeast edge of the City of 巴尔的摩. It was then the most densely Catholic part of 巴尔的摩, with thousands of students in the many nearby parochial schools. The school is dedicated to Archbishop Michael J. Curley (1879-1947) who served as the tenth Archbishop of 巴尔的摩 from 1921-1947. The school is accredited by the Maryland State Department of Education and AdvancedED. 十大正规彩票平台 High School opened its doors in September 1961 to a pioneer freshman class of 420. It was formally dedicated on April 17, 1962, by Lawrence Cardinal Shehan, the twelfth archbishop. Since its first graduating class in 1965 over 8000 graduates have received their diplomas.

The main three-story building still contains classrooms, 科学实验室, administrative and guidance offices, while the attached wings have been modified over the years to accommodate new purposes. The chapel was renewed after the liturgical changes of Vatican II. 修院, the residence of the Franciscan Friars, was moved to one part of the original building, while the remainder became advancement offices, meeting space and the Library/Digital Media Center. The renovated auditorium was incorporated into the Holthaus Center for the Arts, new construction in 2010. The Student Dining Room and Fr. Julian Gymnasium continue as designed, while the final original wing of the school, first classrooms and then the library, now houses a fitness center and wrestling room.

The extensive grounds provide for ample parking and athletic facilities. The Curley Bowl features a synthetic turf field for football, soccer and lacrosse surrounded by a track. Other facilities include a baseball diamond, 网球场, additional soccer field, and practice fields.

Curley’s golden anniversary was celebrated in 2010-11 with special events throughout the year. A history of Curley was written by Fr. Timothy Kulbicki, OFM Conv. 76年的《 Proudly Do We Hail Thee. The first graduates, 1965届毕业生, celebrated their 50th reunion in May 2015 becoming the first “Golden Friars.”

Today 十大正规彩票平台 High School serves students from the entire metropolitan area, namely 巴尔的摩 City and the surrounding counties. The student body comes from some 60 middle schools and 80 zip codes, 选择十大正规彩票平台, the only Franciscan high school for young men in Maryland, for its moderate size and family spirit, and for being a school “where brotherhood begins.” It was the first 1:1 iPad Catholic high school for young men in the area, with a premier arts program, 14个大学运动项目, and a recognized college counseling program. With 95% of the Class of 2023 attending college after graduation, the class earned more than $21 million in merit scholarships and aid.

The general operation and management of 十大正规彩票平台 High School falls under the auspices of the School Board established by the Archbishop of 巴尔的摩. The School Board has continued to entrust the administration of the school to the Conventual Franciscan Friars of Our Lady of the Angels Province who have staffed the school since its inception. Dedicated laity now comprise the majority of faculty and staff, having embraced the Franciscan goals of education, and working to develop the whole person in both the classroom and co-curricular activities.


(Joseph Miller, 1963)

十大正规彩票平台 High,
Proudly do we hail thee.
Teach to us all your sons,
Faith, hope and charity.
We will be true to you,
In thoughts and words and actions too.
Your sons we’re proud to be,